Polifemo XXI secolo's Expositions

Until June 2016, as a part of our campaign introducing Polifemo XXI secolo, both expositions may be booked without charge for a month by academic institutions or organizations, engaging to send back the posters in good condition and due time or pay a 100 € refund for each exposition.
The usual fee, which will be always applied after June 2016, is 100 € to rent any exposition for a month. A deposit of 100 € will be also required, to be refunded after the posters are returned in good condition and due time.
Please contact seminario@polifemo.info

Images of …

To celebrate its launch Polifemo XXI secolo organizes a cumulative and itinerant exposition with religiously relevant images of 2013 and 2014, a project parallel but not identical to Fabio Mora's collection of Images of 2013 resp. 2014, published with Polifemo XXI secolo I 2014 resp. II 2015 and, in full colour, as an independent publications.

A virtual tour through the exposition may be seen in this video, originally an Italian video-lesson.


Iconography of printed Bibles 1475-1900

Parallel to a new series of his books Fabio Mora organizes an itinerant exposition documenting iconography of Protogenesis (Gen 1-11) in printed Bibles 1475-1900.

A video with a virtual visit will be soon available on this page