Iconography of printed Bibles 1475-1900

A multivolume work by Fabio Mora covering Old Testament iconography in printed Bibles 1475-1900


Iconography of printed Bibles 1475-1900 will systematically document the translation of the Biblical texts into images for printed Bibles, by grouping images referring to the same text and using only one form, but all references of any single image, often copied and repeated almost without variations. This translation is very irregular, with some texts that in the Protestant perspective deserve to be graphically represented and others that are almost completely ignored. This peculiar form of Christian interest for the Old Testament is precisely the main reason of our collecting this Biblical iconography.
An unitary numbering throughout all volumes will allow to quote each image with a single number. Hebrew parashot are used as narrative units within the Torah, Biblical books for the rest of the Bible.

Not a few Biblical images, printed in black and white, were coloured by minor artists. In some supplementary volumes we collect these coloured versions.

Colour images from Bereshit and Noach, Charleston 2015, pp. 90, ISBN 9781508732440 (buy)

Images from Noach, Charleston 2015, pp. 242, ISBN 9781505853957 (buy)

Images from Noach (Gen 6,9-11,32) include Announcement of the flood (102001-102005), Building the ark (102006-102022), Planimetry of the ark (102023-102029), Noah’s ark (102030-102048), Entering the ark (102049-102089), the Flood (102090-102154), Ararat (102155-102173), Noah’s sacrifice (102174-102186), the Rainbow (102187-102248), Noah’s drunkenness and Cam’s curse (102249-102288), Noah’s offspring (102289-102292), the Tower of Babel (102293-102362) and other images related to it (102363-102370).

Images from Bereshit II, Charleston 2015, pp. 248, ISBN 9781505864472 (buy)

The images in the second volume from Bereshit, covering Gen 3,1-6,8, include Original sin and expulsion from Paradise (101501-101521), Original sin (101522-101585), Prohibition of eating the fruit (101586), Punishment / awareness of the sin (101587-101607), Expulsion from Paradise (101608-101649), Serpent’s curse (101650-101653), Life after the sin and Cain’s murder (101654), Life after the sin (101655-101676), Cain and Abel (101677-101718), with some various images (101719-101721) and a couple of specialised images, the sacrifices (101722-101736) and the fratricide (101737-101769), Lamentation of Abel (101770-101776), Cain’s exile (101777-101783) and some unusual developments: Foundation of a town (101784-101788), Cain’s offspring (101789-101791), invention of music instruments (101792-101797), metallurgy (101798-101800) and other (101801); Set (101802-101805), Enos (101806-101810), Mathusalem (101811), Lamech (101812-101818), Adam’s death (101819-101823), Henoch’s translation (101824-101833), World’s corruption (101834-101843).

Images from Bereshit I, Charleston 2015, pp. 186, ISBN 9781505830507 (buy)

The images in the first volume from Bereshit, covering Gen 1-2, include some summaries (101001-101005), some narrative images covering from creation to expulsion (101006-101010) and then Creation (101011-101052), Creation and fall of angels (101053-101055), Six days of creation (101056-101068), First day (101069-101086), Second day (101087-101096), Third day (101097-101108), Fourth day (101109-101120), Fifth day (101121-101137), Sixth day (101138-101147), Seventh day (101148-101153), Creation of Adam (101154-101176), Creation of Eve (101177-101231), Map of Eden (101232-101238), Life in Eden (101239-101252), Adam names the animals (101253-101262).